Hospital option 2017

Welcome to your 2017 Hospital option information page

This page was specifically developed to provide you with all the information you may need on your 2017 Resolution Health option.

This sought-after option remains one of the most balanced in its category and is ideally suited to young and healthy individuals who are able to manage their own day-to-day healthcare requirements. The easy to understand cover and quality in-hospital benefits available on this option make it ideal for those who wish to provide for catastrophic events.

As a Hospital member in 2017, you can look forward to:

progressive flex usp

Looking for an affordable option that provides for day-to-day care?

Consider the many benefits of the well balanced Progressive Flex or Progressive Flex Plus options which we have included as part of the information you can access at the bottom of this page. These two options differ from one another in that the Progressive Flex option requires that you utilise a network provider for all your healthcare needs, whereas the Progressive Flex Plus option gives you the freedom to choose your provider.

 If you decide to change option for 2017, please complete the below Option Selection Form as soon as possible and ensure that it reaches us by no later than 09 December 2016

You can submit your Option Selection Form:

1.              Online:         

2.              By email:     

3.              By post:                 Resolution Health, PO Box 1075, Fountainebleau, 2032

Choose from the links below for detailed information on what you can expect to enjoy as a Resolution Health member in the coming year: