Progressive flex option 2017

Welcome to your 2017 Progressive felx option information page

This page was specifically developed to provide you with all the information you may need on your 2017 Resolution Health option.

In the coming year, your Progressive Flex option will continue to provide balanced, quality care to suit your needs as a young couple or family by providing sufficient medical scheme cover for day-to-day expenses as well as hospitalisation through our extensive contracted network.

As a Progressive Flex member in 2017, you can look forward to:

progressive flex usp

Looking for more flexible cover that allows you to choose your healthcare provider?

Consider the Progressive Flex Plus option which offers all the benefits of your current Progressive Flex option, but does not restrict you to a specific network of providers.

If you decide to change option for 2017, please complete the below Option Selection Form as soon as possible and ensure that it reaches us by no later than 09 December 2016.  

You can submit your Option Selection Form:

1.                 Online:         

2.                 By email:     

3.                 By post:                 Resolution Health, PO Box 1075, Fountainebleau, 2032

Choose from the links below for detailed information on what you can expect to enjoy as a Resolution Health member: