Foundation option 2017

Welcome to your 2017 foundation option information page

This page was specifically developed to provide you with all the information you may need on your 2017 Resolution Health option.

In the coming year, the Foundation option will continue to provide you with ideal entry-level healthcare for your basic day-to-day cover and in-hospital needs. It is still ideally suited to lower-income employees of employer groups.


As a Foundation member in 2017, you can look forward to:

Please remember: You need to submit your annual income verification form to us by 15 December 2016 to avoid being defaulted to the highest contribution income bracket. 

You can obtain the necessary forms via the link below, at or by calling 0861 796 6400.

Submit your form together with the necessary proof of income to:

Resolution Health, PO Box 1075, Fountainebleau, 2032


Choose from the links below for detailed information on what you can expect to enjoy as a Resolution Health Foundation option member in 2017: