Resolution Health: International Travel Cover

Leaving on a jet plane, boat or car?


Resolution Health’s outstanding International Travel Cover benefit gives you the peace of mind that you need in order to sit back, relax and simply enjoy your travels abroad.

What is International Travel Cover?

Your International Travel Cover benefit is a short term insurance product that is underwritten by GENRIC Insurance Company Limited, a registered short term insurance company and licensed financial services provider (FSP: 43638). Travel Africa Insurance, our emergency services partner, will be on hand to assist you in the unfortunate event of an emergency while you are travelling, wherever you are, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Who is covered?

Except for the Foundation option, the International Travel Cover benefit is available to all Resolution Health members, with cover extending to, 

  • Anyone under the age of 80 years (if you reach the age of 80 during the period of insurance, cover will continue until your renewal date).
  • Children under 18 (at the date when the policy is issued) who are travelling independently, provided that they are accompanied by a responsible adult.

How do I activate my cover?

No activation is required - your travel benefits are available to you from the date of you joining and/or renewing your membership with Resolution Health, beginning from 1 January 2018. You will have access to the Travel Insurance benefit for as long as you are a member of Resolution Health with cover automatically terminated if your membership with the Medical Scheme ends.

Your benefits, for any trip more than 300 km from your home, start when you leave your home or place of business (whichever is the later) and ends when you return to your home or place of business (whichever is the earlier) on completion of the trip. Cover is provided for up to 45 days per trip.

If you are unavoidably delayed as a result of an insured event, the period of cover is automatically extended. However, if your planned trip is longer than 45 days, you will not be covered (not even for the first 45 days of the trip). It is therefore important to arrange additional travel cover through a third party insurer or your travel agent before leaving South Africa.

How do I request a VISA certificate as proof of my travel cover?

Simply click here, complete the form and keep an eye on your inbox for your VISA certificate.

What is covered?

The Resolution Health Travel Insurance benefit covers you for emergency medical treatment while you are travelling outside the borders of South Africa. You will also be covered when travelling within the borders of South Africa, provided that you are more than 300 km from your home. In both instances, cover is provided for up to 45 days per trip.

Important to keep in mind is that the level of emergency medical cover varies per option with SupremeMillennium and Millennium Select members getting up to R2 million in emergency medical cover. Progressive Flex, Progressive Flex Plus and Hospital members get up to R750 000 in emergency medical cover.

Hospital expenses
We will pay up to the limit shown in the Schedule of Benefits for every complete 24 hours:

  • You have to stay in hospital as an in-patient.
  • While you are confined to your accommodation due to compulsory quarantine or on orders of a medical practitioner as a result of bodily injury, illness or disease which you sustain.

Your benefit also includes:

  • Emergency in- and out-patient hospital treatment abroad.
  • Emergency dental and optical treatment.
  • Emergency air, land and water transportation.
  • Repatriation to South Africa if medically necessary and you have missed your original flight.

An Emergency Medical Condition is identified as a bodily injury or sudden and unforeseen illness suffered, requiring immediate medical treatment or attention, while you are on a trip.

What is not covered?

Certain treatments and conditions are excluded and the Policy Wording provides detailed information in this regard. Also remember that the Travel Insurance benefit is not available to members of the Foundation option.

How do I submit a claim?

If you have already paid the claim up-front, you need to submit the following:

  • A detailed, original account from the healthcare provider.
  • The Resolution Health Travel Insurance claim form, completed in full and including proof of:
    • Travel dates in the form of air ticket stubs or passport stamps.
    • Payment for all attached claims.

Claims can be submitted to Travel Africa Insurance:

Via post:


Via email:


Africa Assist, Suite 18,
Private Bag X10016,
Edenvale, 1610


For all of your queries, claims or emergency assistance, simply call +27 (0) 10 211 4831.