How generics can help your benefits stretch

There has been much debate over the past several years about whether taking a generic medication will provide the same level of care as taking the branded, and substantially more expensive original. Using generic medication for your healthcare needs will not only provide you with the same quality care, but will help you stretch your medication benefits that much further in 2018


The South African summer is full of long, hot, sun-drenched days spent basking in the warm sunlight. Sounds like bliss? Think again. South Africa has the 2nd highest incidence of skin cancer in the world after Australia, and in particular one of the highest incidences of melanoma worldwide, as far as Caucasians are concerned.  With this in mind we take a look at ways you can be more SunSmart this summer season. 

Must know tips to get kids eating healthier

Healthy eating can help your kids to maintain a healthy weight, avoid certain health problems, stabilise their energy, and even sharpen their minds, but with your hectic schedule and their nagging for junk food, it’s never easy to make sure they have healthy eating habits . A healthy diet can have a profound effect on a child’s sense of mental and emotional wellbeing so putting in that extra effort will be well worth your, and their, while.

Your medical scheme must knows

At Resolution Health, we know that understanding the ins and outs of your medical scheme option can be challenging, but it’s essential that you take the time to fully grasp some of the more important aspects of your cover if you are to choose the one best suited to your needs and your pocket in the coming year. With the option change window for 2018 on the horizon, we chatted to our Principal Officer, Mark Arnold, about some of the basic fundamentals every member should know.

Easy ways to boost your memory

While it was once believed that brain function peaked during early adulthood and then slowly declined, we now know that our modern lifestyle plays a significant role in contributing to the rate at which our brain, and our memory, declines. Studies show that a healthy lifestyle can support your brain health and even encourage your brain to grow new neurons.  Read on to find out some easy lifestyle habits you can develop that will help boost your memory.

5 things you need to do more of this Oral Health Month

September is Oral Health Month so now’s the perfect opportunity to spend more than a little time thinking about those pearly whites and how you treat them. Not taking care of your mouth can lead to more than a few dental problems.  Think bad breath, gum disease, cavities, sensitivity and even tooth loss. The good news is that most of these issues are largely preventable and just take a little bit of commitment.  Read on to find out what you can do to improve your dental health starting today!