Staying mentally fit this winter

For some people, winter is a wonderland, while for many others it brings on a sense of gloom that often settles in for the long winter months.  Not giving in to the winter blues is an important part of your mental health.  We take a look at some simple things you can do to stay mentally fit this winter.

Invest in high-quality warm clothes and boots. Being warm will make a big difference to your general outlook on life and your attitude towards winter.

Find a winter activity you really enjoy—and schedule a lot of it. Research shows that simply anticipating something you like makes you happier, so this is a practical way to put that into action. Think family walks in the crisp winter air, some ice-skating or a trip to a snow-covered region.

Cook up some warm, comforting food. Slaving over a pot of stew on a hot summer day is a terrible idea, but a perfectly cozy way to spend a few hours in the winter. Plus, your kitchen will smell amazing and you can have delicious leftovers for lunch the next day.

Treat yourself to a few seasonal luxuries. Stuff doesn’t make you happier. But having a few small wintery luxuries can help you feel warmer and cozier. Get some pretty scarves or indulge in some luxury hot chocolate for an instant pick-me-upper.

Spend more time with someone who loves winter. There are tons of studies showing that the emotions of those around us affect us in good and bad ways. For example, if your friends are happier, you’re more likely to feel optimistic and positive yourself. So if you know someone who loves winter, spend time with him or her—it can help you dread the season less.