Handy hints to prepare for Spring

Toss the pillows

It is recommended that you toss out your old pillow that you sleep on annually and what better time than at the end of winter. Your pillow gathers dust and dustmites as the weeks and months go by which can cause sinusitis, and respiratory problems if not replaced.

Get a new toothbrush

It might not seem relevant but getting a new toothbrush will help ensure that any winter illnesses do not follow you into spring. Viruses and bacteria can live happily on your toothbrush just waiting to re-infect you.

Get active

Not just to lose those winter kilos and perfect that beach body, but to help you make a fresh mental start. It is easier to get up and be outdoors when the weather is warmer so start planning your exercise regime now and get an exercise buddy to help you stay motivated. Zurreal Platinum* members can even earn up to R2 000 in Sport Fit rewards just for completing selected outdoor sporting events. Find out more

Lose the clutter

The best way to be mentally healthy and ready to face the coming season is to sort out any clutter you have in your office and / or home. Donate the items you no longer need to a worthy cause for that extra feel-good boost.