Keeping dad in top shape this Father’s Day

Get a flu vaccination

Don’t let dad face the winter blues this season.  Make sure he stays in top form by making sure he has had his annual flu vaccination.  Minimise your family’s risks of coming down with the seasonal sniffles by going for yours at the same time.


Have those all-important health checks

Prevention is far better than cure, so be sure dad goes for his preventative tests that will help diagnose any health concerns when they first arise.  These tests are covered as part of his Resolution Health Preventative Care benefits, available across most options and include (available at your local pharmacy; Foundation option members have these tests done by their GP):

  • Blood pressure
  • Blood glucose
  • Cholesterol
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Prostate test

What’s more, if dad is a member of Zurreal Platinum*, he can earn cash back rewards of up to R7 450 when he has these and other annual health checks done.


Help dad score some cash

Join Zurreal Platinum* and see dad reap the rewards of going to the gym regularly, taking part in a number of outdoor sporting events or even studying further.  Not only will he feel good about himself, but he can earn cash back rewards paid into his very own Zurreal Healthcard to the tune of up to:

  • R9 200 per year when he goes to the gym regularly
  • R2 000 back on his entry fees for selected sporting events
  • R4 000 bursary when he studies further at any accredited tertiary institution

Sign up for Zurreal Platinum now


Get some R&R

Taking time out to do his favourite things will go a long way to ensuring dad’s mental and physical health.  Take advantage of your fantastic FREE Zurreal* benefits and treat dad for much less than you’d expect, like:

  • Advanced driving classes: members receive 15% discount on selected Advanced Driver Training Courses
  • Shopping at Mantality: members receive 12% discount when purchasing products online at Mantality Store
  • Shopping at John Craig: members receive 10% discount when making a purchase of over R500

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