Don’t skip your exercise

Too often we are tempted to give the gym or other physical activity a miss over the festive season. You don’ t need to miss out on exercise just because you are out of your routine though, so make time for the kind of activity best suited to your holiday environment. Think playing sports on the beach, swimming, going for a long walk or hike or any other enjoyable, yet healthy, entertainment that will keep your fitness regime on track. 

Watch the tipple

Be sure to drink in moderation and avoid overindulging on sweet, sugary cocktails and other alcoholic beverages. Not only will your liver thank you, but your weight will be le ss likely to increase as well. 

Manage your portion sizes

With all your festive season favourites available to enjoy, this might be a bit of a big ask, but watching your portion size is one of the best ways to enjoy all those treats you love, without having to battle the bulge come the New Year. 

Drink enough water

Often when we think we are hungry, our bodies are simply letting us know they are thirsty. Making sure you take in enough water, and of course avoiding those sugary soft drinks, will go a long way to helping you maintain a healthy weight throughout the festive season.