5 Health checks you need to have

Everyone needs to keep an eye on their health and knowing your health numbers should be part of your overall health regime.  Take a look at these 5 must-have health checks you should be having at least once a year.

 - Blood pressure: A silent killer your blood pressure can be an easy to spot sign that you are at risk for heart disease, heart attack and stroke

- Cholesterol.  Also a silent killer, high cholesterol is linked both to family history and lifestyle

- Glucose.  If you have a family history of diabetes, are overweight or live a sedentary lifestyle you should keep an eye on your blood sugar

- Body Mass Index (BMI). By having this health check you can keep an eye on your weight and make sure you are not prone to lifestyle illnesses

- Pap Smear/Prostate testing. Annual check ups will help you spot any health concerns early on, thereby ensuring effective healthcare interventions if you need them.