This month’s must have: Food for stronger, healthier men

It’s true what they say, “you are what you eat”, but you probably already know that. That’s why, like all of us, you’re trying to eat healthier, but while munching on a salad and drinking cold-pressed juices may mean you are eating healthy-ish, you’re not really eating smarter. In fact, some of the things you are avoiding may really be good for you.

Take a look at our pick of some of the foods all men should be keeping in their diet.

Lean Red Meat

Fancy a braai? You’re in luck. Red meat can be good for you, and lean cuts of beef and pork are packed with protein and have only a little more fat than chicken breast. Red meat is also a good source of leucine, an amino acid that helps build muscle.


Although not technically a food, chocolate may improve blood flow if you eat the right kind. The flavanols in dark chocolate can curb levels of bad cholesterol, improve circulation, and keep blood pressure in check. Men with poor blood flow are more likely to have erection problems, so heart-wise foods may protect your sex life, too. But too much chocolate can lead to weight gain so moderation is key to this yummy treat.


Shellfish and other types of seafood are rich in zinc, which is critically important for the heart, muscles, and reproductive system. Low zinc levels have been linked to poor sperm quality and male infertility. Not fond of seafood? Beef, turkey, chicken, nuts, and seeds are also ideal ways to get a healthy dose of zinc.

Milk and Yoghurt

The whey in milk and yoghurt is another source of leucine, a muscle-building amino acid. Choose Greek yoghurt with its thick creamy taste for a meal packed with protein, potassium, and friendly bacteria that keep the gut healthy. 

Orange Vegetables

Orange vegetables are an excellent source of beta-carotene, lutein, and vitamin C. According to studies, these nutrients may lower your odds of developing an enlarged prostate. Good choices include red bell peppers, carrots, pumpkins, and sweet potatoes.


Berries can help you be on top of your game mentally as well as physically because they’re loaded with antioxidants that may help lower the risk of cancer. Animal studies suggest blueberries can also enhance memory and thinking. When fresh berries are expensive or tough to find, try buying them frozen and making a shake.

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