5 things to help you gear up for spring

1. Toss out the old pillows

The reality is that even if you wash the pillows on your bed, there are still a lot of dust-mites and dead skin that accumulate in them. These and other gremlins can cause nasty allergies to flare up, not to mention the many colds and flu bug left overs just lurking and waiting to pounce right back onto you. Experts say you should be replacing your pillows every year so, use the upcoming springtime to do just that.


2. Get a new toothbrush

Just like your pillow, colds and flu germs stick around on your toothbrush just waiting to re-infect you. You should replace your toothbrush if you have been sick, but even if you have been lucky enough to stay well all winter, why not toss it out and avoid any germs lurking in your bathroom this spring.


3. Clean out the medicine cabinet

Medication expires and if you are not cleaning it out every couple of months, now might be the ideal time to do so. Check all medication for expiry dates and be sure to get rid of any leftover medication that you no longer use. Importantly, be responsible and don’t simply throw it in the trash. You can take expired medicine to your local pharmacy to dispose of safely.

4. Clean out the fridge

When was the last time you really went through your fridge and checked expiration dates? Clearing it out will make space for those delicious springtime fresh foods and will lift your spirits and make room for new, fresh things in your fridge — literally and metaphorically.


5. Stock up

Springtime is also rife with allergies so make sure you stock up on allergy medication and that you look at your home critically to identify any sources of allergies and remove them. That favourite pot plant may be pretty but it can be causing you more harm than good.