South Africa’s most common cancers and how to help prevent them

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*Origin unknown means it was not possible to determine where the cancer originated in the body


What you can do to lower your cancer risk

Screen for cancers by:

  • Doing regular physical checks for any out of the ordinary lumps or other concerning changes to your body.

  • Use your Resolution Health Preventative Care Programme benefits to have screening tests like pap smears and prostate tests to keep a watchful eye on your health


Get physical by:

  • Setting fitness goals and exercising regularly (perhaps invest in a wellbeing and rewards programme that will help keep you motivated)

  • Watching your weight and keeping it at a healthy level

  • Eating a healthy diet and reducing your fat intake

  • Avoiding processed and junk foods 


Watch those bad habits by:

  • Quitting smoking

  • Watching your alcohol consumption


Be SunSmart by:

  • Wearing protective clothing like hats and sunglasses outdoors

  • Wearing a sunscreen at all times (SPF 30 to 50)