Tips for a happy, healthy pregnancy

Pregnant woman.jpg

Getting ready to welcome a baby into the family should be about maintaining your lifestyle and preparing mom and baby for the birth.  Here are some handy tips to help you throughout your pregnancy:

  • Stay active.  Exercise is good not only for you but for your unborn baby too; so try to stick to a consistent moderate exercise regime. Studies have shown that women who exercise at the same rate throughout their pregnancies have larger placentas than those who don’t. Why is that important? Well, the volume of the placenta is a general marker of its ability to transport oxygen and nutrients to your baby. Research has also shown that exercising during pregnancy can benefit both a mother’s heart and her developing baby’s heart.


  • Eat whole foods.  Stick to fresh foods whenever possible and aim for a well-balanced diet that includes enough protein, healthy fats, fruits and vegetables. Be sure to also include plenty of leafy green vegetables, because they are loaded with folate, a B vitamin that studies have shown reduces the chance of your child being born with neural tube defects.


  • Get some rest.  Pregnancy is a demanding time for your body and mind, so getting enough rest is a must. Pregnant women often need several more hours of sleep during their first three months of pregnancy. Try to rest and nap anytime you can. If you can catch a 15-minute rest during the day, you'll find that you're much more relaxed when night comes.


  • Educate yourself.  There is a lot of information coming your way from the internet, your friends and your mom, but this is you and your pregnancy, so remember to do what is in your best interests.  Be sure to discuss the birth with your doctor and ask any questions you may have to allow you to make an educated decision about the type of birth that is best for you, whether it be natural or caesarean.


  • Supplement your diet.  Your doctor will most probably recommend a good pre-natal vitamin that is rich in iron, omega 3 and vitamin D.  Be sure to take yours religiously.