This month’s must have: It’s flu jab time!


Forget those excuses you give every year and get your shot because:

  • Your Resolution Health Preventative Care benefits cover the cost of the vaccine, across all our options. Foundation option members can have their shot during their doctor’s consultation, while the rest of our members on other options can have their shot at their local pharmacy. 
  • Flu is highly contagious and besides the general symptoms and complaints, can result in complications. Think bronchitis, and pneumonia or, in its worst forms, flu can even prove fatal - somewhat scarier than a shot in the arm right?  It’s especially important to have your flu shot if you live or work in a crowded environment.
  • Being older than 65, younger than 5, pregnant or suffering from a chronic condition places you at higher risk of flu complications, making it essential to have your shot if you fall within these groups, or have a loved one who does.
  • Each year the flu virus changes slightly, making the vaccine used in previous years less or totally ineffective. As a result, each year you need a new flu shot for the latest strain of the virus. 

When is the ideal time to be vaccinated?

Between March and May of each year is ideally the time to get your shot so get down to your pharmacy now and have yours!

Who can’t be vaccinated?

  • Ask your doctor before being vaccinated if you:
  • Have a severe allergy to chicken eggs
  • Have had a severe reaction to a flu vaccine in the past 
  • Want to vaccinate a child under the age of six months