In the Chairman’s report, it was highlighted that:

  • In a relatively stagnant medical scheme market, Resolution Health has seen positive membership growth in the period November 2017 to January 2018
  • The Scheme has now recorded five consecutive annual surpluses, an achievement matched by few competitors
  • A highly competitive claims ratio and significant growth in reserves since 2013 is indicative of the long-term financial sustainability of the Scheme
  • The Scheme continues to negotiate favourable rates with service providers and implement robust claims processes to eliminate opportunistic exploitation by providers, thus ensuring that our members’ right to quality healthcare at affordable prices is secured
  • The Board of Trustees features not only members with a broad pool of expertise but members with years of Resolution Health experience, and remains focused on good governance, prudent financial management and reducing non-healthcare costs while ensuring you have access to quality benefits that provide true value for money
  • We continue to consider mergers with like-minded and similar medical schemes where their benefit structures will stimulate competitive pricing and safeguard your access to healthcare choices that best suit your needs and expectations
  • We have specifically formulated, and continue to review and refine, the benefit options offered to our members, and our options continue to compare favourably to similar products available to the South African market
  • The average age of beneficiaries joining the Scheme in 2017 was lower than the industry average
  • The Scheme’s unique approach to benefit design and managed care ensures members can, when appropriate, access the Patient Driven Care™ (PDC™) programme which holistically manages their health to prevent healthcare events and the related trauma