How Resolution Health takes perfect care of your health at every life stage


Starting out in life

So you’ve just got that first job and are ready for the independence of your very own Resolution Health option.  Here’s what’s perfect for you:

  • If you are young and healthy: The Resolution Health Hospital option is perfect for your healthcare needs if you are looking for cover for catastrophic events, with a few extras.  This includes unlimited hospitalisation, unlimited in-hospital GP and Specialist visits, 2 GP visits out-of-hospital and cover for 28 chronic conditions.
  • If you want some day-to-day cover: Our Progressive Flex or Progressive Flex Plus options offer balanced cover for both hospitalisation and day-to-day care with the former utilising a provider network for your healthcare needs and the latter giving you the freedom to choose your healthcare provider.

Settling down, and starting a family

Balanced care for your partner and kids: Our Progressive Flex option offers quality maternity benefits as well as exceptional day-to-day and in-hospital care.  You even enjoy a unique Flexi benefit which you can allocate to out-of-hospital treatment such as dieticians, physiotherapists etc.

Expanding the family

Saving based option with an Above Threshold Benefit:  If you have an established family or are looking to expand your brood, the Millennium and Millennium Select options are ideal for you.  As medical savings based options, these two plans offer you generous savings as well as the security of an Above Threshold Benefit for when your healthcare expenses are particularly high.  The difference between the two?  The Millennium Select option makes use of a healthcare provider network, while the Millennium option gives you the freedom to choose your healthcare option.  Best of all you only pay for the first 2 children, with the 3rd and subsequent kids covered free of charge.

Complete cover

Comprehensive cover for the whole family: If you are looking for complete peace of healthcare mind then the Supreme option is ideal for you.  With exceptional benefits for every healthcare rand spent, the Supreme option is ideal for those in search of total cover for every healthcare eventuality.  Unlimited hospitalisation, unlimited GP visits and unlimited oncology as well as cover for 53 chronic conditions are just a few of the many generous benefits you can enjoy with this peace of healthcare mind option.