Things to consider when choosing your 2017 healthcare option

Has my health status changed?

A change in your health status may mean that your current healthcare option no longer provides the level of cover you need. To have complete peace of healthcare mind, make sure that you discuss your, and your family’s, unique healthcare needs with your broker at the end of every year, particularly if you, or one of your dependants:

  • Recently had a major health event like a heart attack
  • Were diagnosed with a chronic illness
  • Have a niggling problem that may worsen
  • Developed back problems that may require special care
  • Entered a life stage where your healthcare needs may increase, such as retirement
  • Recently added a little one to the family
  • Have young children who may need more day-to-day cover for those inevitable childhood coughs and sniffles


Do I have any family health issues or age related health concerns to consider?

If you have a family history of a certain health ailment such as diabetes or heart disease, you may need to reconsider your healthcare cover. Also take into consideration your current life stage and what common ailments a person of your age is prone to. Then take a look at your current cover and consider whether you will have sufficient cover if you need it in the coming year.


What are my chronic healthcare needs?

When it comes to chronic conditions, you want to make sure that your healthcare option allows you to easily manage your illness. If you’ve recently been diagnosed with a chronic condition, or are nearing that age where you’re at higher risk, make sure that you carefully look at your option’s chronic benefits and what is and isn’t covered. Some options, like Millennium and Supreme for example, cover an extended list of chronic conditions.

If you’re already on chronic medication, double check whether your option provides enough cover for you to effortlessly take care of your health. If not, have a chat with your broker to discuss and identify the best Resolution Health option based on your unique needs.  

If you are struggling to manage your condition, you may want to consider signing up for our unique Patient Driven Care™ (PDC™) programme which helps you to manage your illness and your benefits effectively and, in some cases, even provides for extra care.  Find out more here


Do I have plans for the coming year that could affect my healthcare needs?

Think about all the big decisions you have planned for 2017, like getting married or adding a little one to the family. These decisions will affect your healthcare needs and it’s best to discuss those needs now, before they happen. Also, if you think that you may need surgery of some kind in the near future, it’s super important to choose an option that provides the level of cover you will need; not only for the surgery itself, but for the doctor’s and related expenses before and after the operation. Importantly, have a close look at what is covered, how much cover you will get and which medical practitioners you can visit before you make a final decision. 


Can I afford out-of-pocket expenses?

Making sure you have the healthcare cover best suited to your life-stage will help limit the amount of out-of-pocket expenses you could potentially face.  If you’re running out of benefits mid-year on your current option, it is definitely time to look at upgrading to one of our more comprehensive options. Remember that Resolution health offers traditional (Foundation, Hospital, Progressive Flex, and Supreme) and new generation (Millennium) options, meaning that you are spoilt for choice when it comes to how you’d like to manage your benefits. 


Which option is most affordable in the long-term?

Resolution Health offers some of the most affordable, benefit rich options in the healthcare industry with quality healthcare benefits that are specifically designed to suit your life-stage and pocket. If you had to personally cover certain healthcare expenses during the year, do a quick calculation of how much you spent in total. Now consider whether an option upgrade in 2016 at a slight premium increase will ultimately cost you less when compared to your out-of-pocket expenses.