Skipping your Resolution Health payment for December means you will be without medical cover and leaves you and your family vulnerable in the case of any medical emergencies that could crop up while you’re on holiday. 


Just take a look at some of the medical bills our members have been faced with during this time of year:

Member A – Motorcycle accident: R1 Million+

Member B – Motor vehicle accident: R1 Million+

Member C – Foot/orthopaedic surgery, skin grafts, rehabilitation: R781 000+

Member D – Mastectomy and chemotherapy treatments: R750 000+

Member E – Maternity (ICU) costs: R340 000+


Imagine being faced with a medical crisis with no medical cover – you could be faced with:

  • Having to use state facilities
  • Massive medical bills
  • Being on the financial back foot as you need to bring contributions back up to date before you will enjoy cover again

Avoid facing the healthcare doldrums by making sure your Resolution Health debit order for December goes through as normal, and rest assured we have you covered this festive season.