Resolution Health is proud to welcome former Argentine and Amazulu goalkeeper Nick Gindre as our latest addition to the Health Scheme’s impressive list of brand representatives.

Nick has branched out from professional football, and recently opened the Functional Training Gym in Johannesburg. In April 2016, the 15th IRONMAN African Championship was be held in Nelson Mandela Bay, and Nick proudly carried the Resolution Health logo.

“I am so proud to be part of the Resolution Health family and I look forward to inspiring the Scheme’s members to get out there and really push themselves and find out what they are capable of achieving,” says Nick.


The keeper's passion for football and subsequent career in the sport led him to a lifestyle where being in the gym and working out became an important part of maintaining his strength and fitness. “As an ex-professional football player I have always had a competitive spirit. However, when I left football and had nothing to train towards, it made both my mind and body sluggish.  I then looked at what event would be totally out of my comfort zone, and IRONMAN is something that not just anyone can show up for and do,” Nick explains.

When asked how he plans to tackle it, he says that training for IRONMAN takes a lot of time and dedication.  “You will want to quit and stay in bed instead of hitting the road for a run. But at the end of the day, I’m doing this to prove that [just] because it’s hard and different to what I have always done, it’s not impossible,” he says.


To be sure that he performs to the best of his ability, he stresses how important the mental aspect is with regards to pushing oneself to your absolute limit. He says, “If you are weak mentally, you will never really know what you’re truly capable of achieving.”

A few suggestions he makes about thinking your way to success include:


  • Training with an expert trainer,
  • Maintaining your enthusiasm by making training a lifestyle choice,
  • Training with a partner, it’s way easier when you have (and give) support,
  • Giving yourself a chance to rest or treat yourself every once in a while,
  • Getting a healthy balance in your life where your ultimate goal is never forgotten.


Another one of Nik’s top tips is to follow a balanced and healthy diet. Having to get up at 4 AM every morning makes it tricky to keep to a regular eating plan. Food, however, is the fuel that you provide your body with which is why it’s super important. He advises that we stay away from junk food as you can’t expect to have a successful training session if you fuel your body with food of low nutritional value. Nick sticks to a healthy, balanced diet and especially a high calorie intake as the amount and intensity of his training causes him to lose too much weight if he doesn’t carefully manage his diet. “I try to follow the simple guidelines of ‘grill it don't fry it’, and eat your vegetables! It's a bit old school but it works,” Nick says.

“When you’re exercising, eating and living healthily it makes you feel great. I think everyone should give fitness a chance as this will help them to become the best they can possibly be. Apart from the obvious health benefits, physical wellbeing will spill over into every aspect of your life.”

Keep an eye out for Nick at IRONMAN events throughout the year - he’ll be the one holding Resolution Health’s name high!

If you want to join the Resolution Health family, be sure to take a look at our product offering here – you are sure to find a plan that best suits your health needs and budget!