Spring clean your health

1. Stock up on seasonal, fresh produce

Spring is the perfect time to take advantage of your neighborhood’s bounty and seasonal produce offers more flavour as well as price savings. Local produce supports farmers and also spares the environment by eliminating long-distance delivery systems. 

2. Make sure you take preventative care of your health

Plan your trips to the doctor for your pap smears, mammograms, prostate tests as well as the general blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol screening at your pharmacy (Foundation option members have their screenings done at their network GP). These tests form part of your preventative care benefits, which are available across most options. Zurreal Platinum members even earn cash rewards when having their annual screening done.

3. Venture outside

Walking or doing outdoor sports for exercise benefits your cardiovascular system and burns calories. It will also do wonders for your mood and get you motivated for the warmer months. Best of all, Zurreal Platinum members earn up to R2 000 in cash back rewards when they take part in a range of outdoor sporting events

4. Declutter your medicine cabinet

First off, medicine should be stored in a cool, dry cabinet, not in the bathroom. If it has expired, it is time to toss it, but be sure not to throw it down the drain or into the garbage. Instead, take expired medicine to your nearest pharmacy for safe disposal.

5. Allergy-proof your home

Wash all the linen and towels, toss out the old pillows and give your air-conditioning and fans a good cleaning to help get rid of dust mites and dust.

6. Purge your make-up drawer

Remember that bright pink lipstick that looked great in the store but now sits at the bottom of your makeup drawer two years later? Time to toss it. Most make-up products have at least a one-year shelf life, although organic products may go bad faster. If it looks or smells strange, it has to go. Bacteria in old make up can cause nasty skin reactions and ruin your fresh spring look.

7. Toss the old running shoes

Your comfy, worn-out running shoes may do more harm than good. The general rule of running shoe replacement is every 900 kilometres of running, i.e., someone running 80 to 100 kilometres a week should replace their shoes every three months. This is because the material, particularly in the heel, wears out with use, and loses its cushioning effect, which is bad news for your knees.

8. Up your happiness factor

Get rid of things that remind you of sad times, like old pictures of your ex. Clean out your closet and only keep the outfits that make you feel good. Give away the stuff you don’t want: Research shows that helping others improves your own happiness.