Being a mom-to-be can be exciting, if not a little unnerving considering the physical changes, hormonal fluctuations and the fact that we all know the perfect picture of bliss painted in baby product advertising is both impossible to live up to, and as elusive as a pink unicorn.

Everyone experiences the ups and downs of parenthood. At times, pregnancy and parenthood seem as easy as a 1-2-3 and at other times, it’s more frightening than bungee jumping. Rest assured, however, that even if you think you have no idea what you are doing, neither did your parents, or their parents before them. 

Parenthood is a learning curve and, unfortunately, babies do not come with instruction manuals. Except for a few obvious examples, there is no right or wrong way to be a parent, so relax and enjoy the journey by remembering these few reassuring facts:

  • Resolution Health has you and your baby covered for prenatal, birth and post natal care. We even provide for neonatal care should your baby need it, so you can relax and enjoy your pregnancy. 
  • Childbirth takes a while so be prepared, but remember that the pregnancy is part of the journey but not the destination. The real adventure begins after the guest of honour arrives.
  • Don't get too hung up on any one aspect of the birth. Educate yourself about natural birth, epidurals and all other facets. Discuss them at length with your doctor before you make a final decision. Then relax and soak up every moment of this bonding experience.
  • Your baby's senses are all operating at birth. Research shows that babies prefer the voices of their moms and family members right from the start. Babies remember stories read to them in the womb. As much as they are your miracle, you are theirs too.
  • It is normal (no matter how much you love your baby) to feel overwhelmed, freaked out, teary or just plain sad sometimes. Give yourself a break and accept help.
  • Your body will change and you may feel like a human milk machine for a while. It DOES get better.
  • Sleep when the baby sleeps.